Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: a fluffy kitty

Meet Fluffy.  This little cutie was my first pet companion--I got her when I was a junior in high school and she and I became inseparable.  When I left for college, my brother's family took her in and she became theirs.  Whenever I would visit, she was not happy to see me for oh about six years or so.  Cats hold grudges evidently.  Fluffy's disposition also soured after a couple of moves and two toddlers running after her.  She was infamous for her "double claw move" where she'd hiss at you and try to swipe at you with not one but both claws.  But after a near death experience, Fluffy decided to give in and embrace life so she now tolerates it when the kids try to play with her and she also snuggles with me in bed at night and purrs loudly.

While I love my two pups dearly, there are times that I really really want a kitty.  I think my temperament is more suited to having a cat--they are independent and yet loving.  And mostly seem to respect personal space, unlike two puppies I know.  However, I suppose getting a cat would then leave the door open for B to begin creating his own personal petting zoo complete with goats and pigs.  He's even got them picked out already...

So, which are you?  A dog person or a cat person? (or in B's case, a dog/goat/pig person?)


  1. Team Dog! Specifically, Team Bichon. We came SO close to adopting another Small White Dog (poodley?) a few weekends ago when I saw a pet adoption at a mall but we have to pay extra for one dog and feared we'd have to pony up more money to our landlord. She was so cute!

  2. Totally a dog person. BUT, our neighbor had a pot-bellied pig when we were young, and I loved playing with it. Can I be team pig, too?