Monday, October 4, 2010

Vintage Monday: Fiesta time!

Remember my cabinet-full of vintage Fiesta ware?  Well, I've just exponentially added to the collection!  B and I went to a magical estate sale this past weekend and they had such a great assortment of vintage Fiesta  at amazingly low prices that I wanted to do a little dance right then and there. 

I managed to limit (ha!) myself to: an original red comport dish, egg cup, chop plates, and salt shaker, another chop plate in cobalt blue, a green sugar jar with lid, and these amazing stacked refrigerator dishes from the Fiesta Kitchen Kraft line.

I told B that this was most definitely IT for now, but after more research I think I might be keeping an eye out for a relish tray, mixing bowls, water pitcher, and covered casseroles.  But that's IT after that...really...

By the way, I've posted some Pyrex finds over at the Pyrexcollective if you need more Vintage Monday goodness!


  1. I want to steal that sugar jar, it's gorgeous!

  2. How much is too much to pay for vintage Fiesta Ware?

  3. Hi Jessica! It depends on the piece--for example, I'd pay more for a sugar bowl or a more unique piece versus the tea cup/saucer set. I'd also pay more for the original colors (esp red!). If you want to get all geeked out on Fiesta ware, Huxford's guide is a pretty fun read. Anything you're looking for in particular that I can help you with?