Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Monday: Stained glass window frame

I am happy to report that there were lots of treasures to be found at this month's Citywide Garage Sale!  I'll have to spread them out for other Vintage Monday posts but for today, we have this gorgeous vintage stained glass window frame for show and tell.  We were happy to speak with the man that imports them from Europe and then either reframes, paints or sands down the original frames.  He also places two hooks at the top if you'd like to hang them against a window.  This particular one we chose is from the 1930s and hails from England.  We really loved the colors and the pattern and I'm pretty sure we're addicted now and will be paying Dale a visit at his store in Universal, TX soon!

It was really difficult to get a good picture of it to show off just how beautiful and vibrant the colors are.  Here's my feeble attempt!


  1. love it! i'm a fan of stained glass!

  2. i can't believe i haven't been to this yet!

  3. Lara--the next one is in July--you should come down and we can go treasure hunting! :)