Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Petalware by W.S George

Do you believe in love at first sight?  I do...especially when it comes to vintage kitchenware.  I know I may seem fickle, as the lightening bolt has struck me multiple times, from colorful Fiestaware to whimsical snack plates, sturdy Fire King bowls and gorgeous Catherineholm (still looking for these by the way) and then there was the quirky Canoe Muffin obsession.  But this time...there is just something special about this collection of china.

The Petalware line, also known as Georgette, was produced in the 1940s by the W.S. George Pottery Company in Ohio.  The petals form a delicate scalloped edge to the bowls, cups and plates and its beauty is enhanced by the soft green, blue, rose, grey and yellow colors.

Petalware by W.S. George has officially gone to the top of my wishlist (and oh what a long wishlist it is!)  Until then, these pictures gathered from designsponge, flickr and google images will have to tide me over.


Petalware info from the every resourceful Ohio River Pottery website


  1. How pretty! I had never heard of petalware. The colors are gorgeous.

  2. Oooh, love this petalware!!

  3. I love petalware, too, and have several pieces listed (and to be listed!) in my etsy shop, TheRetroLife. (I was pleased to see one of my items and my photo above -- it's the yellow petalware cup and saucer on the black background...) Just got in a dark rose creamer, a blue saucer, and a rose dessert plate -- will list them soon!

  4. This is the pattern of our daily dishes. I too love them as they brighten every meal. I can mix all the colors so that a dinner plate, bread plate and dessert bowl look like a flower of different colors or have each setting all in one color.
    I was searching for a sugar bowl as I just broke mine.

  5. I am so jealous they are your everyday dishes! I think it is great to use lovely things everyday instead of saving them for occasions that never arise! You've inspired me to pull out mine now!