Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicago: Architectural boat tour

It was a sunny 70 degree weather day when we went on the architectural boat tour down the Chicago river.  Our tour guide was informative and it was neat to learn more about the history of the buildings on the river front and recent revitalization efforts.  We also learned that there are actually a lot of newer buildings that have been built in the last 20 years and that the skyline of Chicago is still evolving.

Some pictures:

I think that's the Hancock building with the two towers at the top

One of my favorite buildings--doesn't it look so space-agey?

These distinctive corn cob towers have parking in the lower levels!

Love the use of green glass windows to reflect the river 
and the buildings across from it

The tour was about an hour and a half and a nice way to learn more about the city and see it from a different viewpoint.  I definitely recommend it as a "must see" when you're in Chicago!

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  1. I love those corn cob buildings. There is some very interesting architecture there. I must visit some day.