Thursday, September 2, 2010

Temple St Clair for Target Egg Pendant

Another great Target designer collaboration this month is with Temple St Clair. She makes the most beautiful jewelry that is way out of my price range so I was happy to see this new collaboration.  I raced to Target early Sunday morning and squeaked when I realized my top pick was still available.  It's a great little egg pendant that's a nice and heavy weight and looks great for costume jewelry.  I've worn it about every day this week already!

And here are some egg pendants from her original collection, priced in the 4 figures.  I think I got a good deal--thanks Target!


  1. You DID get a good deal! I tried to get one of these at my local Target but they were already sold out. Seems not every store is getting this collection and they're gone online already. Guess that leaves Ebay...I've seen a few there and am not waiting any longer

  2. I tried getting them from Target too. Some pieces sold out quickly, like the charm bracelet. My closest Targets didn't even get the line. You did good! Very pretty necklace.