Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY: Hearts picture frame art and bedroom nook

Inspired by this etsy seller, we made a little picture art frame filled with fluttering hearts for our bedroom.  It was simple enough to get the frame (from Ikea), choose the colors and paper, and cut out the hearts using a handy punch tool from Michaels. The difficulty with this project lay in actually arranging the hearts in even lines and gluing them in.  So, as we've come to find out, I am the visionary when it comes to these projects, and B is actually the person that does the work and gets it done.  What can I say, he just has more follow through than I do! (or is just tired of my half forgotten craft projects lying around the house)

Here is the completed work of art (I did krylon the frame with a nice glossy gray paint)

And up on our bedroom wall with one of my favorite prints from EnormousChampion (one of my favorite Sinatra songs!), a picture of us at a wedding last year, and this great decal from Shana Murray purchased through Enid at the Dallas Flea.  It's super simple to put on (uh thanks to B again) and I love how it looks--I can't wait to get more!


  1. This is great! You should make these as gifts!

  2. You are so creative. You have a great eye, I love the composition of the frames and decal on the wall.

  3. You guys are so crazy cute!!!! I love your heart art.:)

  4. This is such a pretty and creative idea! I love it. I really love the series of artwork that it compliments in the room too.