Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicago trip food recap

Whenever we pick a travel destination, one of the first things we think about is food.  Croissants in St Martin, conch salad in Provo, dim sum in San Francisco, falafels in NYC...  So of course, when we made it to Chicago, we headed for Giordanos for some deep dish pizza.

We went to the location off Michigan Avenue which was packed with tourists.  There is a 40 minute wait for your pizza and fortunately they let you order it while you're waiting for a table. So after you wait 30 minutes  for your table, you only have 10 minutes after that before you're digging into your food. 

We went with a canadian bacon, mushroom and olive pizza (this is a small...really!)

After one and a half pieces I was done in.  It was good though we walked around for an hour afterward to try to get that ball of cheese in our stomachs to dissipate.  Final verdict: a must try when in Chicago, but otherwise I'll be sticking to NY style thin crust pizza.

Another highly anticipated food visit was Garrett Popcorn.  We went three times and there was a huge line each time.  And let me tell you, it's really worth it.  I highly recommend the Chicago mix which is a blend of caramel and cheesy popcorn (that'll turn your fingers neon orange).  Amazing.

Sorry there aren't any pictures of the actual popcorn. Once we got a bag, our hands were too full with popcorn to care about the camera.

Another Chicago food favorite is the infamous hot dog, and this simply must be eaten at a ball game.  We watched the Royals take on the White Sox at Cellular Field and it was a pretty good game.  The Sox fans are pretty vocal and I was a little afraid for B's well being seeing as he was wearing the only Royals t shirt in the whole stadium.

Sorry no pictures of the food there again because we were too busy wolfing it down.  I do have a little fireworks video though.  Everytime the Sox scored, they would set off fireworks.  Every time the Royals scored it was dead silent in the stadium--except for me going "wait what happened?  did we score?"

I did manage to capture a picture of the chicken gouda hot dog we had at Chicago Renegade however.  It was really awesome with the poppy seed bun.  Where can we get poppy seed buns here in Austin??

So there you have it, a quick Chicago food highlights post.  I have more pictures from the amazing buffet at the Signature Room and the architectural boat tour that I'll be putting up soon.  I really enjoy writing these recaps and am toying around with the idea of compiling these little travel guides for must see, must shop, must eat places on this blog.


  1. my husband and i ate at that exact same Giordanos that same weekend too! Ha! We got a deep dish pizza too and you weren't kidding about that ball of cheese in your stomach! :)

  2. I would love Sharon's Guides!

    Also, I cannot get down with the deep-dish pizzas. Ugh, the aftermath...

  3. I love the food posts. I was hoping for a pic of Chicago deep dish pizza! It looks like you had a great time.