Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the road again: Kansas City

B and I had flew up to Kansas City last weekend for a wedding.  We had a great time with the family and here are a couple of highlights:

KC is full of gorgeous older historic buildings

We stayed at the Hotel Savoy, built in 1888.  Famous past guests 
include Roosevelt, Truman and Paul Newman (who filmed there).
Below is a gorgeous wall of stained glass at the ballroom and restaurant.

Glass dome in the lobby

The Savoy Grill is the oldest restaurant in Kansas City.  We had 
a great included breakfast the next morning from this 
ginormous menu (we were allowed to choose 4-5 items!)

A fun stop at Pryde's of Old Westport--an amazing kitchen and 
housewares store where I wanted to live.  I found the Fiesta Ware aisle!

There was a great little coffee shop and bakery at the back of the store

Pie?  Yes please!

Sunday morning farmers market 

There are pictures of the wedding as well but too many incriminating ones (mainly of B) to post!


  1. Aww-- (hi it's Cassiday from the brunch @ Blue Star--the one with red hair and glasses). Looks like you had a great time in my hometown--just looking at your pictures makes me homesick!

  2. When I go out of town, I LOVE going to farmer's markets and grocery stores. I feel like a nerd, so I am glad someone else does the same thing. :)

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  4. Making me homesick! Isn't Pryde's awesome?