Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Monday: Whistle necklace by Lillian Crowe

The Chicago Renegade Craft Fair was amazing and not only did I get some great items for the house, I also managed to snag a few unique pieces of jewelry for myself!

This whistle necklace is by Lillian Crowe and is part of her 100% reclaimed collection.  It's a working whistle as well! (watch out and don't catch me unawares!)

Another awesome find is this amazing porcupine broach from Mikinora--she created it out of various findings and then cast the mold herself.  It's about less than an inch in diameter and I think it'll look great paired with some of my daintier vintage brooches.

I also got a Leighelena lizard skin cuff (similar to this picture).  I was surprised to find that she is an Austin designer--I can't believe I hadn't noticed her jewelry before.


I'll post more Renegade finds later on in the week.  Overall the goods and craftsmanship of all the booths  (lined up over 6 blocks!) were top quality and very unique.  There was yummy food, a free photo booth, and fun entertainment--even a marching band  (you'll have to wait for the video...)


  1. I am quite addicted to broaches right now. I can't wait for fall to wear mine!

  2. I'm a broach collector, too. Love something a little kooky.

    (Great meeting you at brunch!)