Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Fendi Peekaboo Satchel

So I guess I should clarify that there's my wish list and then there's my fantasy wish list.

Everyone is coming out with their fall fashion wishlists but I just can't seem to get too excited about fall yet.  Perhaps because it's going to hit 100 degrees again today.  I can't imagine wanting any pants, tweed, coats, boots, cashmere and other fall related clothing yet.

The only thing I'd really love right now is a ladylike purse such as the Fendi Peekaboo Satchel.  The turn lock closure is my favorite detail.  Ideally I hope to find a vintage one with the same shape.  Or win the lottery.


  1. LOVE. This bag is gorgeous. I vote that you win the lottery.

  2. This bag is perfection. It would be perfect forever, too. It would never go out of style.